More than 350 brothels in greater Athens, only four with licenses


There are more than 350 brothels currently operating in the wider Athens area, of which only four are licensed, according to an estimate by the public order ministry, a document from Minister Nikos Dendias revealed on Wednesday, after its tabling in Parliament.

According to the document, “the precise number of brothels in the Athens area cannot be determined due to the frequent change (of address), given that others (brothels) are shut down (by authorities), others relocate or close. Overall, it is estimated that more than 350 brothels, with a constantly changing number — of which only four operate with a license — operate in Athens.”

The document was submitted in reply to a tabled question by New Democracy (ND) deputy Adonis Georgiadis, who further stated that surprise inspections take place on a daily basis on brothels and in places where illegal prostitution takes place.

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