Greek Language Examination

New York.- The examinations for the Certification of Competence in Modern Greek, organized by the Center for the Greek Language in Thessaloniki, by order of the Greek Ministry of Education, will be held on the Office for Educational Affairs of the Consulate General of Greece in Chicago own responsibility and will take place at “SOLON” St. Demetrios Greek School in Chicago (2727 W. Winona St., Chicago, IL., 60625), on May 13th and 14th, 2009.

The examinations will be both oral and written at four levels of different difficulty.

The candidates for the first level will be examined on Wednesday morning, May 13th 2009, while the candidates for the second level will be examined in the afternoon of the same day. The candidates for the third level will be examined on Thursday morning, May 14th, 2009 and those for the forth level will be examined in the afternoon of the same day. The candidates must be 12 and above years of age.

Candidates have to mail to our Office by March 23th, 2009:
1. The application form filled in and signed. Note that the candidateʼs name has to be written in CAPITAL LETTERS, as it is shown in the identification proof.

2. The Questionnaire, filled in and signed.

3. A copy of identification proof (I.D., Driver License, Passport etc.) with the applicantʼs photo.

4. A check payable to Mr. ANASTASIOS VASDARIS (Memo: Greek Certificate), in the amount of: $100.00 for the first level, $100.00 for the second level, $115.00 for the third level, and $115.00 for the fourth level.

The candidates are permitted, if they want it, to participate and be examined in more than one levels.

For more information you may call at the Office for Educational Affairs:
Phone: (312) 228-9516
Fax: (312) 228-9518

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