E9 Filing Deadline Extended to Nov. 30

Chicago, IL.- The Hellenic Republic’s Ministry of Economics has responded to urgent letters from SAE’s Regional Coordinators asking for an extension of the deadlines for our omogenia to file the new “E9” Real Property Registration and the basic “E1” Return that must accompany it. Those with income from Greece now have until July 15 to file instead of the previous June 2. Those with no income from Greece now have until Nov. 30 to file. “We were gratified to be informed that the extensions we’d been asking for on behalf of our omogenia have been granted,” said V.P. and Regional Coordinator Chris P. Tomaras. “This is an excellent example of ÓÁÅ fulfilling its role as a two-way conduit for communication between the Hellenes of the Diaspora and the Hellenic Republic, and an example of its Regional Coordinators working together to effect a change of policy in Athens. We thank National Economy Min. Alogoskoufis, Dep. Min. Regouzas and Dep. Foreign Min. Skandalakis for their cooperation on this most important issue for our people.”

From the June 30, 2005 letter of V.P. Tomaras to Dep. Min. Regouzas:
“…Serving as the voice of the Hellenes of The Americas, I must inform you that the disappointment of our omogenia regarding…the E9 Form is great. The lack of timely information…even available within the consulates, has created a poor image of the Greek State, unease and indignation…”

“By this letter, the N. & S. America Region of (SAE) asks the Ministry…to extend the deadlines for filing E1 and E9 for the Hellenes outside Greece.”


Q: What is this ‘E9’ I keep hearing about?

A: ‘E9’ refers to a new Schedule the Hellenic Republic requires to be filed this year with the Income Tax Returns of all those who own real estate in Greece. Even those who live outside Greece, have never filed a Greek Income Tax Return (‘E1’), or have no income from Greece, must file an E1 and E9 if they own property.

Q: What is the deadline for filing an E1 & E9?

A: That depends. If you DID have income from Greece, the deadline was June 2, but is now extended to July 15. If you did NOT have income from Greece, you must still file a “Zero Income” E1 Return, and E9 Schedule, either in Greece or online, but have until the new extended deadline of Nov. 30, 2005. Your E9 Schedule does not have to be filed at the same time as your E1, but in all cases your basic E1 Return must be filed first. In both cases, there is a penalty for filing late.

Q: Can I file online?

A: Yes, but only if you already have an ÁÖÌ, or Taxpayer ID Number. If you have an ÁÖÌ, and can understand Greek well enough, you can complete both the E1 Return and E9 Schedule by visiting http://www.taxisnet.gr which is only in Greek. Again, the new deadline is July 15 if you had income, Nov. 30, 2005 if you did not.

Q: What if I don’t have an ÁÖÌ or can’t file online?

A: You will need to either (a) go to Greece, or (b) have a “Limited Power of Attorney” (Ðëçñåîïýóéï) done at your nearest Greek Consulate, authorizing a friend, relative, lawyer or accountant in Greece to request the ÁÖÌ, to file both the E1 Return and E9 Schedule on your behalf.

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