Cyprus, Israel and Greece Step Up Cooperation in Energy Matters

Nicosia.-  (CNA) — The establishment of two working groups to promote cooperation in energy matters between Cyprus, Greece and Israel was decided on Thursday, during a meeting in Nicosia. The meeting was attended by Cyprus Minister of Commerce Industry and Tourism Neoklis Sylikiotis, the Israeli Minister of Energy and Water Resources Uzi Landau and Greek Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Asimakis Papageorgiou.

Following the meeting, Sylikiotis stated that the issues discussed concerned the EuroAsia Interconnector, a project aiming to link Greek, Cypriot and Israeli power grids via a submarine power cable, as well as the Southeastern Mediterranean natural gas corridor.

“We have decided to set up two working groups to elaborate on the projects in detail” the Minister said, noting that the groups will be established in the next few months.

Our effort, he went on, is to complete the study of the projects, in order to promote our cooperation in energy matters in a concrete way, he added.

He also thanked the two Ministers for the “friendly and fruitful meeting”, noting that the cooperation between Cyprus, Israel and Greece can contribute in the peace and prosperity of the peoples in the wider region.

Landau expressed his satisfaction with the decision on the immediate establishment of the two working groups.

He said that cooperation will promote the interests of the three countries and their economies, and will be “an anchor of stability in this prickly region”.

The Israeli Minister said finally that the three sides decided to discuss a wider framework of cooperation in additional areas, in coming meetings.

The Greek Deputy Minister said in his statements that following Thursday’s decisions, the three countries will proceed with “wider cooperation of strategic importance”.

The Greek side, Papageorgiou added, will reinforce this effort, adding that Greece will be part of every activity, also in EU level, to promote the Southeastern natural gas corridor as one of the essential energy corridors for Europe.

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